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Miami Fire Fighters Credit Union

DuPont Goodrich Credit Union

Halliburton Employees Federal Credit Union

Plaza Park Bank

Company Site for Tamb Law.

Parkside Credit Union

Kane County Teacher’s Credit Union

Valley One Federal Credit Union

Restaurant Info for Frank Keys Cafe.

Company Site for Reserve List.

Product Brochure and eComm for Renaissance Chocolates.

Product Info for John Spenger Foods.

Company Site for HealthONE EMS.

Student Portal for HealthONE EMS.

Real Estate Site for private Belize investor.

Contractor.com for client / contractor use.

Company Site for Service Software, LLC

Company Site for Design Studios, LLC

Email Marketing:

News Online | ShopCenter Spotlight | Discoverbiz all for Discover Card.

Promotional Sends for Blockbuster.

“PRES” Announcements for Colorado Housing and Mortgage Services.

Online Training:

Please email me for samples. Due to contractual limitations and copyright, I can not publish these.


Logo Design for Alliance Toxicology.

Logo Design for Mosaic Fine Wines.

Logo Design for DMR Data.

Logo Design for Cornerstone Hearing.

Logo Design for Evo Limo.

Logo for MrT Cleaning.

I have many other designs that are not up here, such as printed materials that have appeared in magazines and news print. Please email me for more details.

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